Mums, Buggies N' Bums

Nine months is a long time for your body when it is changing, especially when you may not like the way it has changed.  You're probably wondering how you will get back your pre-pregnancy body and where you will find the time.

Well don't panic because help is at hand.  Mums, Buggies N' Bums is a Private Personal Training Session designed specifically for new Mums and their babies.

The Personal Training is done at your home and incorporates your baby so you don't need to worry about a babysitter or child care.  It's great fun for both you and your baby and helps you get back into shape whilst interacting with your little one.

Mums, Buggies N' Bums not only helps you lose the pregnancy weight, it also helps ease many discomforts by increasing circulation, helps with any post-natal depression and sets a good example to your children to stay healthy.

 Mums on the Move

Being a Mum is a demanding job with pack lunches, school runs, kids activities, the weekly food shopping, need we go on?  With a never ending list you might forget to look after yourself and keep fit.

This is why I'm providing an exclusive home tuition service dedicated to Mums on the Move.  All the equipment is brought to your house so you have the convenience of working out in your own home which means less travel for you and more time to be spent on yourself.

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